Cloudesley Estate MapThis is the Cloudesley Association website.  The Association is for residents living in the area roughly indicated on the right - bounded by Cloudesley Road, Cloudesley Place, Liverpool Road and Richmond Road.

Our purpose is to help residents make the most of our community by:

  • Publishing news and other useful information

  • Promoting communication between residents

  • Co-ordinating planning projects and other local initiatives

  • Researching local history

  • Providing useful resources

Click here to download a copy of our Constitution.

We're always keen to hear from you, so please get in touch via the Contacts page or by by using the "Comment" facility below or on most other pages.

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Clerestory window under repair showing leaded glass and casement mechanism

Click here for the latest (July) post on the Church Restoration blog.  The nave ceiling is finished and some extra repair work is being done to the pinnacles and clerestory windows.


Fanlight Picture CropLesley from Islington Guided Walks has alerted us to a couple of new walks which are part of an Islington Guides Festival to celebrate the end of lockdown, from 19th-27th June.  Here are the details:

Lesley is  leading a further "Tales from the Crypt" guided walk on Thursday 24th June at 6.00-7.30pm, at a much-reduced rate of £6 as part of the Islington Festival of Walks, more information here:

Susan, who was one of the other guides last autumn, is leading a slightly different walk looking at the 500 year legacy of Cloudesley at 12.30-1.30 pm on Tuesday 22nd June, only £5: 

Both walks are part of the Islington Guides Festival running from 19th-27th of June, covering an array of different areas and topics across the borough. The link to all our walks is:


And for those of you thinking about restoring your fanlight to its original glory, here's an article describing how the owner of No 11 Cloudesley Street did just that!

Plaster Cast Painted


Plus, hot off the press, a report on the hard hat tours of the nave ceiling - with painted plaster casts!  





Hard HatUpdate to last newsletter - the Diocese are now offering hard hats tours of the new church nave ceiling - details here



New Cross 2The latest newsletter is now available, packed with information about the church, including the latest church renovation blog, as well as news about tube noise, the MET Safer Neighbourhoods Team and events at Kings Cross.  Enjoy!



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