Cloudesley Estate MapThis is the Cloudesley Association website.  The Association is for all residents of the "Cloudesley Estate" - the area roughly indicated here on the right, bounded by Cloudesley Road, Cloudesley Place, Liverpool Road and Richmond Road.  

Our purpose is to help residents make the most of our community by:

  • Publishing news and other useful information
  • Promoting communication between residents
  • Co-ordinating planning projects and other local initiatives
  • Researching local history
  • Providing useful resources



BAFTA triumphEd Watts, our guardian at Holy Trinity, has now won Best Documentary at the BAFTAs for his film "For Sama".  He was also nominated for the same award at the Oscars, but "we wus robbed".  Congratulations Ed!



Neighboorhood Watch Icon

We've recently been contacted by Islington Neighbourhood Watch who have provided us with various useful documents which you can find here.  




More website reorganisation.  I've added a new piece on the history of the Cloudesley Estate and the role played by the local charitable trust Cloudesley in the introduction to the "History" section, expanded "About Us" and added to "Maps" (try using the LMA website facility to examine in detail what the Cloudesley Estate looked like just before building began in 1817 - fascinating!).  Apologies for any bugs which may have appeared.  Nick



Amanda and Florence have published the latest Cloudesley Association newsletter, here, full of festive facts.  Also various additions to the website, particularly under "History", and "The Area" - for example a gory postscript to our piece on Thornhill Gardens!  Also an update on the tube noise issue.




I've been reorganising the website.  "History" is a new menu item with the contents of the old Cloudesley History article (which was getting too big) broken up into smaller bits, while the contents of the old "Projects" menu item have been reassigned mostly to "The Area".  Also several other changes.  I hope you like the new version.  If not, or if you spot any bugs or have suggestions for a better organisation, please let me know.  Nick


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