Presentation by James Kidgell and Julian from Morgan Sindell with Tom and Sachin from LBI. Both headteachers also in attendance.


The indicative programme gives a start date of the 29th February and is aiming for completion in May 2017.

  • 29th Feb - 5th April: The first phase will be soft strip and site set-up (including welfare cabins)
  • 6th April - 18th May: Demolition.
  • 10th May - 29th June: Excavation, piling mat and Piling (auger drilling rather than hammer)
  • 22 June -31st October: Construction of the Teaching block (concrete frame)
  • 5th July - 19th September: Construction of the residential block (light steel frame)


There will not be a tower crane, but materials will be moved around using mobile cranes as required plus a hoist. Concrete will be pumped from a discharge point in the vehicle area.


The two storey welfare cabins will be about 6m tall. These will be installed in the North-East corner (i.e at the back of 100-108 Richmond Avenue). Windows will be facing into the site. Blank elevations to the North and East. No overnight security presence. The toilets will be connected into the main. There might be a generator temporarily on site to support the cabins, and this until the site is connected onto street services.

Working hours:

The site will be opened from 7.30am until 6pm although work won't start until 8am. No weekend work planned at this stage although they do have permission if required to work on Saturdays until 1pm.

Vehicle Movement & parking suspension:

All vehicles will access from Cloudesley Road. This will require parking suspension of three street parking places: One at the top of Richmond Avenue and two by 91 Richmond Avenue. Vehicles will leave down Richmond Avenue onto Liverpool Road.
All vehicle movement will be supervised by a banksman in high viz. There won't be any lorries coming in before 8am and they won't be allowed to stay idle in the neighbouring streets.
Lorries will not be allowed to leave their engines on once they have stopped inside the site.

Dust and vermin control:

They have a duty to keep the site free of pests/rodents for the safety of their employees against Weil/ Leptospirosis and have a 24hr call-out agreement with a specialist contractor should there be an issue on their site. Dust will be controlled by water spray and there will be wheel washing carried out on site to prevent mud spread down Richmond Avenue.


Tree work will take place to remove and prune trees as per planning permission and to protect roots of those remaining. No thinning/ pruning or maintenance work to trees anticipated during the construction year.


There will be a resident liaison officer appointed and the contact details of that person will be on the newsletter.
Newsletter will be circulated once a calendar month.

Design alterations:

There has been some minor alterations agreed with the planning authority including:
- reduction of the roof ventilation stacks to seven instead of 13.
- The curtain walling of the internal Hall on the East elevation of the teaching block has been simplified.
The amendments should be available not the local authority website under the same planning application reference P2015/0081/FUL.

Site fencing:

They will erect 2.4m tall heras fencing with protective fabric sheeting along the wall perimeter, and hoarding in place.