Re: Cloudesley Association - Dowrey Street Site - Interim Update

A number of residents have complained this week about:

(i) cracks in walls;
(ii) vibrations being so strong that they have concerns for the foundations of their houses;
(iii) mice suddenly appearing in their houses;
(iv) kids trying to get into the site overnight; and
(v) builders opening port-a-cabin window blinds and looking straight into the houses/gardens on Richmond Avenue.

The council have contacted me to tell me that they are waiting for the contractor to get back to them with some information in relation to some of the resident's concerns and will arrange a call with me once they have this information. In the meantime the contractors have arranged for obscure film to be applied to the windows of the port-a-cabins that back on to the residents gardens and whilst they are awaiting for this to arrive on site they will reinforce to their staff & operatives that the blinds are to be kept closed.

Project and Site Manager Details:

Florence and I wanted to reassure you that we have contacted the council and they are looking into each of these matters. Florence and Erica Brealey have also both been down to speak to the site managers.

The site managers have confirmed that they do monitor vibrations (it is not clear how well!). They are also considering 24 hour security on site.

As previously promised, here are their contact details if any of you have any urgent complaints/matters that need to be dealt with:

Steve Kemp, Morgan Sindall, Project Manager: 07976 191934
Tom Butvillas (possibly spelt wrong!), Site Manager: 07895 647232

Please do continue to let us know of any complaints you have though as it is useful to know of all your issues when speaking to the council.

We will update you further in due course.

Best regards

Amanda and Florence
On behalf of
The Cloudesley Association