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This is a new section of the website to inform and update residents about the dreaded coronavirus and what to do about it.



Cloudesley Association - March 2020 Update 2 (with later additions)

Coronavirus local support

1. Please ensure you access information from official channels: and, as well as the BBC will provide all the relevant information.

2. There is a local group that has been set-up to support residents: Caledonian and Barnsbury Covid 19 Mutual Aid Group. Leaflets have been dropped into people’s letterboxes and a copy of the leaflet has been posted on the website here, below. If you need support or to self-isolate, do get in touch with them: phone numbers, a What’s App group and Facebook page details are provided on our Cloudesley Association website. Alternatively, get in touch with us by e-mailing .

3. Although such events brings communities together (and initiatives such as the one above is a good example), others are taking advantage so please be extra careful - Neighbourhood Watch has provided us with advice and details of scams to watch out for. This has been also posted on the website here, below.

4. Later addition.  Islington Council have now sent us a leaflet here, below.

Stay safe and follow the official advice provided by the government. If you have any concern, get in touch and we will do what we can to help.

Amanda and Florence
On behalf of
The Cloudesley Association

Caledonian and Barnsbury Covid 19 Mutual Aid Group is a local group that has been set up to support residents.  The leaflet below has been dropped into people’s letterboxes:


Coronavirus Barnsbury V2


And here's a leaflet from Islington Council describing Coronavirus support services on offer and what we can all do to help: click here.