Barnsbury Housing Association (BHA) provides quality affordable rented accommodation at many sites within Barnsbury such as the award-winning Morland Mews off Lofting Road.  It recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and on its website (see here) you can find a splendid video celebrating the years since it was founded in 1967 as well as an informative timeline.

Apart from this, BHA is of interest to our community for two other reasons, documented in more detail elsewhere on our own website.


BHA Building

Firstly, BHA is now housed at Cloudesley House, 16A Cloudesley Street - the same "neat edifice in a pointed style" which was opened in 1830 as Trinity School and later became the Elizabeth Whitelaw Reid Club, commemorated in Holy Trinity Church (see here for details).

Kenneth Pring


Secondly, BHA was co-founded by Kenneth Pring, an architect hailed as "the man who saved Islington" who played a key part in the "gentrification" process which eventually resulted in the area we know and love today (read the full gentrification story here).



As two organisations with a common interest in the local community, we hope BHA and the Cloudesley Association will work side by side in the years to come.