Cloudesley streetCloudesley roadCloudesley squareCloudesley placeStonefield streetRichmond Avenue


The Cloudesley Association is a residents' association for the community roughly comprising the following streets in Barnsbury, Islington:

  • Cloudesley Street
  • Cloudesley Road
  • Cloudesley Square
  • Cloudesley Place
  • Stonefield Street
  • Richmond Avenue

Historically, the association was set up primarily in response to local residents' concerns about the new schools development on the site of the old Samuel Rhodes school on Dowrey Street off Richmond Avenue.  This remains perhaps the main issue today.  But the association also addresses many other issues and aspects of the local community as you can see from this website.  Above all, the association exists as a focus for local residents to come together and pursue whatever initiatives are in the best interests of the community as a whole.

Who's Who

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Cloudesley street

Cloudesley road

Cloudesley square

Cloudesley place

Stonefield street

Richmond Avenue