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In 1517 an Islington resident called Richard Cloudesley bequeathed in his will 14 acres of land known as the "Stony Fields" - an area which became known as the "Stonefield Estate" and which we know today as the "Cloudesley Estate".  For the next 500 years this endowment was carefully managed by a charitable organisation known variously as the "Cloudesley Trust", the "Richard Cloudesley Charity". or today, simply as "Cloudesley" We refer to them here as "The Trust" - check out their excellent website here.  In the early 1800's the Trust built streets of houses on this land and these are the houses we live in today!  You can learn more about Richard Cloudesley's generous legacy and the amazing story of how the Trust helped turn it into the community we know and love today in the History section, here.

Map 1835 the cloudesley estate

   1835 Map Showing the Cloudesley Estate Partially Completed, Courtesy of the Cloudesley Trust