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Dirk MeerstadtMy wife and I have lived happily in Cloudesley Road since 1984 and now with our working aged son.  My wife is a retired Director of Nursing and I a retired Consultant Paediatrician.  Over the years I have collected a number of old maps and prints of Islington; interestingly one of the maps (1850) lists our road as Park Street.


#2 Alarys Gibson 2019-02-15 15:35
Hello Dirk, I have been asked to contact you by Norman Newmarch, who apparently did plumbing work for you in the past. His life has taken a terrible turn: if you would be kind enough to email me, , I can give you more info. He also worked many times for my husband and me, over the 30+ years we lived in Lonsdale Square, and we always liked him. Sorry to contact you out of the blue like this, best wishes, Alarys Gibson
#1 Sarah clark 2018-12-01 21:05
Lost yr email address and want to keep in contact. How can i do that? X

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