Re: Planning Reference P2015/0081/FUL

The Cloudesley Residents Association (the “Association”) is in favour of maintaining the Dowrey Street site for educational purposes and is supportive of the continuation of the PRU occupying the space, along with the new Bridge School and its small school-term only residential block.

However, the Association objects to the following aspects of the plans submitted to the Planning Department of Islington Council:

The Height of the Main School Building

According to the plans, the height of the parapet of the new building will be 1.4m taller than the parapet of the current building. This is substantially higher than was originally discussed with the Association. One of the main concerns of many of our residents at inception of the planning process was that the main school building would be more or less the same height as the current building and residents were vehemently opposed to the provision of a third storey for this reason. The proposed height is not dissimilar to that of a three storey building. We would ask for the height to be reduced as much as possible. We understand that this can be achieved relatively easily by the use of more efficient materials. 


In additional to the overall height of the building, the plans submitted include a number of very tall skylights, which would take the height of the building up 1.5m above the proposed parapet. This would result in the uppermost point of the building being 9.2m tall, which is imposing on the amenity of most residents with houses overlooking the main school building. We would ask that the design of the skylights be changed to lower their impact on the surrounding area.


The current plans include the provision of a continuous handrail along the periphery of the main school building. This is unsightly and could be replaced by other safety measures hidden behind the parapet. This would greatly improve the elevation of the building.

Car Parking

The Association notes that the application has been advertised as a car-free scheme, in line with current Islington planning policy. However, the plans include the provision of 7 car parking spaces including 2 disabled parking spaces. The Association appreciates the need for the disabled parking spaces. However, it is felt that one disabled parking space should be at each end of the site (to allow disabled children to enter their respective schools through the main entrance). All other parking should be on the street.

Construction Traffic

The Association would like the Council to carefully consider the impact of construction traffic on local businesses and residences.


As the site is contained in a residential block, the Association would also like to request that planning conditions include the following:

  1. That landscaping is completed before the schools are allowed to commence operation; and
  2. That construction work is limited to Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm.