Cloudesley Estate MapThis is the Cloudesley Association website.  The Association is for all residents of the "Cloudesley Estate" - the area roughly indicated here on the right, bounded by Cloudesley Road, Cloudesley Place, Liverpool Road and Richmond Road.  

Our purpose is to help residents make the most of our community by:

  • Publishing news and other useful information
  • Promoting communication between residents
  • Co-ordinating planning projects and other local initiatives
  • Researching local history
  • Providing useful resources

We're always keen to hear from you, so please get in touch via the Contacts page or by by using the "Comment" facility below or on most other pages.

Tales From Crypt Logo

Three outputs from the Tales From the Crypt research are now available to residents in the form of an Exhibition in the church, evening Zoom Talks and a new Islington Guided Walk.  All highly recommended - see here for details.  Also, the latest article in the church restoration blog, describing the completion of the work on the south aisle, where the Exhibition is now housed.




September 3Amanda and Florence have circulated the latest Cloudesley Association Newsletter, with proposals for "Low Traffic Neighbourhoods", an update on Thornhill Gardens, more on the restoration work at Holy Trinity Church and the associated "Tales From the Crypt" project, a link to a marvellous documentary about Milner Square, and several other items of local interest.  The website continues to be updated; we have a new Thornhill Gardens Photo Gallery, an article on Sidney Bridgman's Memoirs about local life in the 50s and 60s, and a link to a book about "The Cats of Cloudesley Square"!  Enjoy.



LIDAR Map 1See London as you've never seen it before with these LIDAR maps from Layers of London.  Also, after many false starts, I've finally got the "Smart Search" facility to work - try typing a word or phrase into the box below the banner above then click "Search" and see what happens.



New Stuff Older Persons

Like many of us, the website has been poorly recently, but it's now out of intensive care and there's lots of new stuff (mostly, but not exclusively for older persons!) - and from a variety of new contributors - thank you all.  We have new History articles on People (Jevon Harper, the Bridgman Family, Tony Blair (!)) and Places (the Metropolitan Cattle Market (and Don McCullin)).  The section on Thornhill Gardens is regularly updated and there's new material under Dove Brothers.  And there's a new "Blog" on the progress of the Church Restoration which already has three posts, with lots of photos kindly shared by the contractors Fullers Builders (no, not the brewery!) - fascinating if you're interested in architectural heritage.  Enjoy, and keep those contributions coming!


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