UpdateI've been reorganising the website.  "History" is a new menu item with the contents of the old Cloudesley History article (which was getting too big) broken up into smaller bits, while the contents of the old "Projects" menu item have been reassigned mostly to "The Area".  Also several other changes.  I hope you like the new version.  If not, or if you spot any bugs or have suggestions for a better organisation, please let me know.  Nick


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11 17 Cloudesley Square 1961Jenny and I have been busy adding much new local historical research to the website.  Jenny has transcribed all census records for the whole of Stonefield St (!) and you can see the results here, together with a number of analyses of the data (the street declined massively - believe it or not, one house had 27 occupants in 1911, and several had more than 20!).  She has followed this up with detailed family histories of two residents with family members buried in the crypt.  Meanwhile, I have completed a "House Through Time" history of my own house, 16 Cloudesley Square - Nick.



A star is born!  Did you know we have a famous filmmaker in our midst?  Ed Watts has made a superb film about Syria - "For Sama" - which has won several awards, including at Cannes, and has been attracting the most glowing reviews - check it out here.  Believe it or not, Ed and his wife Olivia are guardians in Holy Trinity Church - they tell me it's quite cosy in there!




Latest newsletter and minutes from the meeting held on May 21.  Also various additions to the Cloudesley History section, a great picture of the Catalpa tree in bloom at the top of Cloudesley Road, and what to do if you're experiencing tube noise from the Victoria line which runs under the Cloudesley Estate.


Bees 2Bees

Update.  They've gone!  Like thieves in the night!  They were there in force this morning then when we looked mid-afternoon - not a trace.  Where did they go?  Spooky!

Invasion of the Killer Bees!  A giant swarm of bees has taken up residence in the tree outside our house on the East side of Cloudesley Square!  Local bee experts have advised doing nothing for a couple of days, then if the bees haven't moved on they'll come round and deal with them - hopefully humanely.  Meanwhile neighbours are advised to keep their windows shut!


OS Map

Does anyone have any information about Cloudesley Physically Handicapped (PH) School, which occupied the Dowrey Street site from 1909 to 1972, when it was demolished and replaced with, first Samuel Rhodes School, and then the current Bridge ILS and New River College PRU?  We've been contacted by Peter Lambert, who was a pupil there during the war years from 1940 to 1951.  He has kindly shared his memories of the school with us and you can read his fascinating account here.



Islington Front Door

Yet more Cloudesley History!  Learn about another Islington family who appear in the Holy Trinity burial records, the Snees, and also an article on Gentrification and how it played out on the Cloudesley Estate!






Latest newsletter including date of next meeting: Tuesday May 21 at 6.30 in the Drapers Arms - be there! 



Diocese Logo

Important news!  The Diocese have received funding for a project to research the history of Holy Trinity church and are calling for volunteers to help.  Read all about it here.



JJ Sills

More Cloudesley History, including Families Buried in the Church, Cloudesley War Dead, the Reverend Fell, and Alf Hutt.  Fascinating stuff!






Check out the latest Newsletter for March.  It includes a reference to a draft "Legal Scheme" from the Church Commissioners, regarding the Diocese's proposals for the restoration of Holy Trinity Church.  You can study the relevant documents here.  If you wish to make a formal representation for or against the draft scheme, or you believe the Association should do so, there is a deadline of April 14 2019.



Ghost Sign

Check out Jenny's latest remarkable works of local history:  "Hunting Ghosts - Cloudesley Road - Past and Present", and also "Gold Dust - Born and Bred in Cloudesley Road".  We've also added several more items to the "Cloudesley History" project.




We have updated the website with a major new section on Cloudesley History.  You can download Holy Trinity Church records of Births, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of past Cloudesley Estate residents and well as census records for every house in Cloudesley Square from 1841 to 1911 (check out who lived in your house in past years!).  It's a great story!  This is a work in progress and we urge all residents to get in touch with any related information they may have, to enrich our understanding of this fascinating part of London.


Older Breaking News items 



Amanda and Florence have just emailed out the latest Newsletter - check out what's happening here.




A list of famous or otherwise interesting past residents of the Cloudesley area (work in progress).



Cricket Match White Conduit House 1788

More about maps, cricket, tea gardens and Booth's poverty maps.





December Newsletter just out - lots to report on the church and much besides!



Greenwood Cloudesley Map 1830

Check out this old map of the area in 1830 by cartographers C&J Greenwood.  A lot's changed!




Harte Asparagus Watercolour

In the early 1970s Artist Glynn Boyd Harte and his wife Carrie moved into the then dilapidated house at 28 Cloudesley Square, renovated it in Regency style and subsequently presided over a "young fogey bohemian" social set in pre-gentrification Islington.  Read about their story here.



An Islington Life!  Local resident Jenny Tatton has discovered the fascinating story of Charles Mason Sharpe whose coffin rests in the crypt of Holy Trinity Church.  Read about it here or go direct to Jenny's research here.



Hornbeam CR146

Attention tree lovers!  I've added a new section about Street Trees under About the Area, here, and also included some pictures of notable local trees in all their autumnal glory in the Gallery, here.  Enjoy, Nick!







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