Cloudesley streetCloudesley roadCloudesley squareCloudesley placeStonefield streetRichmond Avenue


The Cloudesley Association is a residents' association for the community living in the "Cloudesley Estate", roughly comprising the following streets in Barnsbury, Islington:

  • Cloudesley Street
  • Cloudesley Road
  • Cloudesley Square
  • Cloudesley Place
  • Stonefield Street
  • Richmond Avenue

Historically, the Association was set up primarily in response to local residents' concerns about issues such as the new schools development and the ongoing restoration of Holy Trinity church.  But the Association also addresses many other issues and aspects of the local community and carries out local historical research, as you can see from this website.  Above all, the Association exists as a focus for local residents to come together and pursue whatever initiatives are in the best interests of the community as a whole.  We hold meetings every few months to which all residents are invited and we also email a newsletter to all residents on a regular basis.  The newsletters and meeting minutes are recorded here in the website. 

Joining the Association is free of charge - to be added to our mailing list, just send your name, address and email address to:

admin[at]          (for privacy, @ is replaced by [at] in email addresses on the website)

Or check out the Contacts page to contact us directly.

Remember to visit the website regularly for updates, particularly the "Breaking News" section on the Home page, and feel free to add comments - we're always eager to hear from you!


   Cloudesley streetCloudesley roadCloudesley squareCloudesley placeStonefield streetRichmond Avenue


In 1517 an Islington resident called Richard Cloudesley bequeathed in his will 14 acres of land known as the "Stony Fields" - an area which became known as the "Stonefield Estate" and which we know today as the "Cloudesley Estate".  For the next 500 years this endowment was carefully managed by a charitable organisation known variously as the "Cloudesley Trust", the "Richard Cloudesley Charity". or today, simply as "Cloudesley" We refer to them here as "The Trust" - check out their excellent website here.  In the early 1800's the Trust built streets of houses on this land and these are the houses we live in today!  You can learn more about Richard Cloudesley's generous legacy and the amazing story of how the Trust helped turn it into the community we know and love today in the History section, here.

Map 1835 the cloudesley estate

   1835 Map Showing the Cloudesley Estate Partially Completed, Courtesy of the Cloudesley Trust

Cloudesley Road Representative

Dirk MeerstadtMy wife and I have lived happily in Cloudesley Road since 1984 and now with our working aged son.  My wife is a retired Director of Nursing and I a retired Consultant Paediatrician.  Over the years I have collected a number of old maps and prints of Islington; interestingly one of the maps (1850) lists our road as Park Street.

Cloudesley Square Representative

Nick Collin 2Nick Collin has recently taken over as the representative for Cloudesley Square from Fred Reynolds, who served the Association in this role for many years.  Nick also acts as our website manager.  He is a self-employed management consultant and strictly amateur website developer!  He lives in Cloudesley Square opposite the Celestial Church of Christ and is an eager advocate of its restoration. He's married to Gillian, has two sons, Laurence and Louis, plays tennis and golf (both badly) and enjoys skiing, fell-walking and drinking in The Crown.

Association Chair

Amanda GillAmanda lives in Stonefield Street with her husband and three children. She has been chair of the Association since 2014, playing a leading role in representing the views of local residents in relation to the school redevelopment.  Amanda is a solicitor, specialising in finance.  In her spare time, she likes travelling, running, skiing, cooking and drinking good wine!

Association Secretary

Florence SalberterFlorence lives on Richmond Avenue and looks forward to getting to know some of her neighbours through the  Association. She has worked in conservation for many years and is currently a heritage adviser for the Canal & River Trust. She also does some stone and letter carving.