Click on the links below to access useful websites:

Islington Council

English Heritage 

Barnsbury Conservation Area

Islington History

Islington Economic History

Cloudesley Charity (manages Richard Cloudesley's bequest of the Cloudesley Estate in 1517)

Cloudesley: 500 Years in Islington by Cathy Ross (excellent research report commissioned by the Cloudesley Charity)

Churches Conservation Trust 

Islington Police

The Bridge School

Bradshaw's Handbook to London, the Cloudesley Estate (no 62)

Islington Society

Islington Archeology & History Society 

Streets with a Story - The Book of Islington (A-Z of Islington streets, downloadable for free)

A History of Islington, by Mary Cosh (Amazon link - pricy, but good!)

Through the Hole in the Wall.  A marvellous documentary about Milner Square as remembered by people who lived there in years gone by.  Quite moving but also uplifting.  The Hole in the Wall is the passageway into Almeida street - still there. 

Nextdoor Barnsbury This is part of a nationwide social networking service which allows Barnsbury neighbours to post and view articles on a wide range of subjects of local interest - crime, lost and found, job offers, things for sale, recommended tradespeople etc.  If you haven't yet joined it's well worth checking out, though you may need to apply filters to avoid being swamped with emails!