Cloudesley Association - Minutes of Meeting

Venue: Drapers Arms 

Date: 11th October 2016


1. No candidates came forward to take on the role of Chairman and Secretary and Amanda and Florence have been re-elected in those roles.

2. Tfl:

- A resident who attended a meeting Tfl organised reported that when the machine that they use to smooth the tracks was due to come past under Cloudesley Square last month, there was an issue and that meant it wasn't done. But this is due to be done in March 2017. In the longer term, they also have indicated that the current timber sleepers will be replaced with concrete.

- Our local Cllr Rowena Champion is going to pass the concerns expressed by the few residents onto the Council's officer who liaises with Tfl.

3. Richard Cloudesley Foundation

Melanie Griffiths from the Foundation has been in touch as they are about to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the reading of Richard Cloudesley's will. Once we know more, we will inform local residents.

4. Tracey Williams

It was with great sadness that we learned from the sudden death of this senior executive in Finance at LBI. Details of her funerals will be on the interim update.

5. The Church

No-one had any updates. Some residents expressed concerns that the state of the church presented a H&S risk. It was suggested that the Association gets in touch with the Diocese, the Church Conservation Trust and the Council.

6. Rowena Champion

Amanda reported back on the meeting Florence and her had with Rowena. In addition to the Tfl issue, they also raised the issue of pavements being very uneven and Rowena suggested that photos and descriptions of where this occurs should be sent to her by residents. Another item discussed was that of trees being removed and not replaced. The planning situation with Barnard Park had also been discussed with her and she is due to report back on any progress on that matter, which we will then share.

7. Anti-social behaviour

Some residents raised issues with some anti-social behaviours including door-to-door salesman. As a reminder, people who wish to report any anti-social behaviour should contact crime stoppers: 0800 555 111 (the information will be passed on anonymously onto the local team) or they can contact the local team directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 020 7421 0328 or 07920 233 797.

8. Fox

A resident expressed concerns there were many foxes around. This was discussed previously and ultimately these are not considered a vermin so the local authority won't do anything.

9. The school's building site

There wasn't much to report although it was confirmed that the site would be closed over Christmas.

10. Nightstop

A local resident briefly spoke of her great experience with Nightstop (, a charity that houses vulnerable young (16-25) homeless that have been carefully vetted. They are being offered a bed for the night with a volunteer. She does that 2 nights a months and explained she gained a lot from those interactions, that long-term contact was discouraged and that she never had any issues.

11. Social meeting-up

It was suggested we meet for a social before Christmas, possibly tagging along the Lonsdale Square Christmas Carol (if they are kind enough to invite us) and going for a drink afterwards.