Cloudesley Association - Minutes of Meeting
Date: Monday 7th February, 2020, 6.30pm – 8.00pm.
Venue: Drapers Arms


Chair:                   Amanda Gill

Secretary:           Nick Collin

About 30 local residents attended and free drinks were provided!

Item 1:                 Introductions, Amanda

Amanda introduced the meeting, and invited everyone present to say who they were.  Quite a lot of new residents have joined the Association in recent months and membership now stands at 134.

In the absence of any objections or anyone else volunteering it was agreed that Amanda will continue as Chair of the Association and Nick will continue as Secretary.

Item 2:                 Finances, Nick

A year ago we agreed with Islington Film Office and Little Island Productions to filming in Cloudesley Square.  In the event this was cancelled, but Little Island Productions nevertheless made a donation of £3,500 to the Association.  So for the first time in its history, the Association has a bank account (with Unity Trust Bank) and funds at its disposal. 

To date, we have used £300 to pay for gardening equipment (a strimmer, hose etc), plants and seeds for the churchyard, and spent £160.05 on free drinks for this meeting.  We also incur bank charges of £6.00 per month.  This leaves a current balance in our account of £3,038.95.  We are open to any sensible suggestions for using these funds for the benefits of our community.

Item 3:                 The Church, Nick

Following completion of the repair works last year, the scaffolding has come down and it was agreed the church looks better than it has for many years.  For an account of the repairs project, including photos of the new nave roof and the West turrets clad in stainless steel mesh, see the blog on our website at  In addition, Nick has been looking after the South part of the garden with light gardening duties – we are expecting a profusion of wildflowers in the spring!

The Diocese has created a website for the church, rebranded as “The Cloudesley Centre” at, which is focused mainly on the “Tales from the Crypt” local history research project completed last year.  There remains some uncertainty over what, if anything, will happen next at the church.  The conversion of the crypt into a bone library and the opening of the interior for community purposes, both scheduled to start last autumn, have not taken place, but no-one expressed disappointment at this.  We emailed Kevin Rogers (Director of Parish Property Support at the London Diocese and our main contact) for an update and he replied: “We are moving closer to a point of some news but are not quite there yet.  Hope to have an update soon”.

Item 5:                 Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, Nick

At our last meeting just over a year ago, our local councillor Rowena Champion explained Islington’s “Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) / People Friendly Streets” programme.  This topic was keenly debated by attendees at that meeting.  In particular the new layout of Liverpool Road (also known as “Cycleway 38”) drew significant criticism and the manner of its introduction, with little to no consultation, was almost universally disliked. The minutes of that meeting documented residents’ objections in some detail.  At the time, Rowena replied saying these objections would be taken into account and that the scheme was experimental and would be reviewed after 12 months.

One year later it seems that the consultation on Liverpool Road has closed and the review has concluded that the new layout should remain in place. Whilst a cycle lane separated from moving traffic has been welcomed by some cyclists, none of the objections raised by residents regarding safety of both pedestrians and cyclists (who may not be seen by cars turning at road junctions) appear to have been addressed, which was widely considered frustrating by residents. It was agreed that the Association should contact Rowena to gain a better understanding of what has been done to address safety concerns (if anything), what safety data has been considered in the consultation process and why residents’ concerns have been seemingly ignored and/or residents have not been given a suitable explanation as to why the current arrangements are deemed safe.  We should also ask for clarification on plans for further Islington LTNs.  It seems that a new “St Mary’s” LTN has been implemented (Cross St has been closed to through traffic) but this extends westwards only to Upper St and it is not clear whether yet more LTNs are planned for other parts of Barnsbury immediately surrounding the Cloudesley Estate.

Following the lively discussion which ensued it was reiterated that the Association may, in some circumstances, be prepared to provide feedback on consultation programmes on behalf of residents. However, it would only do so following (a) a request from the Association to its members for views/feedback on matters which have a direct and significant impact on us or our vicinity, and (b) receipt of instructions/views/feedback from members by the deadline set out in the request.  Any such consultation response from the Association would make clear the views (either way) of those members and the number of members that had responded to our request.

Members were reminded that often the number of responses received on consultations is one of the most important factors taken into consideration and consequently we would recommend that members always make their views known on an individual basis in any event (via the many forums which now exist or via the ballot box!).

The following separate but related complaints were received from residents via email prior to the meeting:

  • Too much signage and “street furniture”, much of it related to LTNs
  • Removal of the island from the pedestrian crossing on Liverpool road is dangerous (one particular objection amongst many relating to Liverpool Road)
  • Benches removed from Cloudesley Road should be reinstated

Item 5:                 Filming in Cloudesley Square, Amanda

We have again been approached by Islington Film Office and a film company (SDTA Productions Ltd) who wish to film in the Crown pub on February 24th, with some preparation and clearing up on the 23rd and 25th.  A flyer describing their proposals has been delivered to local residents and is attached.  The filming will involve access controls and some local disruption to parking.  To compensate for the disruption, the company will again make a donation to the Association.

It was agreed that, in principle, this initiative should be welcomed, pending disclosure of any further details.

Item 6:                 Schools, Amanda

Amanda and Tiba described the history and activities of the two schools that occupy the land between Cloudesley Square and Dowrey Street/Richmond Avenue, namely The Bridge, Integrated Learning Space (the “ILS”) (top floor, entrance on Dowrey Street) and the Pupils Referral Unit (ground floor, entrance on Cloudesley Square).  Amanda and Tiba hastened to mention that they are current governors at the ILS.  We are planning to make a small donation of £130-150 to support a puppet show for the children of that school.

Item 7:                 Tube Noise, Neil Smith

For years, Neil has battled TfL over noise from the Victoria tube line, which still affects several residents.  He explained the history of the problem, how he and a group of concerned residents are dealing with it, and what to do if you are affected – first step, contact Neil at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Subsequently to the meeting, Neil kindly sent us the attached email summarising his main points and giving details of people to contact.