Cloudesley Association Update

1.            Update on Holy Trinity Church, Cloudesley Square (the “Church”)

2.            Dowrey Street Site

3.             Barnard Park

4.             Scaffolding


1.            Update on Holy Trinity Church, Cloudesley Square (the “Church”)

Camilla Gersh has kindly provided us with an update on the status of the Church - the good news is that small advances are being made!

There are a number of developments:

(a)    The Church of England has had a meeting with the Celestial Church in which the Celestial Church agreed in principle to the Diocese’s proposal to take over maintenance and repair of the Church. Apparently lawyers are now in the course of drawing up the paperwork, although there may be a fair amount of negotiation over it so it may take a while to finalise;

(b)   the Church of England’s building surveyor has done an inspection of the building. He is in the process of drafting a costings report to establish how much it will cost to actually fix the building. Unfortunately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, some more of the ceiling came down while the surveyor was doing his inspection. This confirmed their suspicions regarding the hazardous state of the ceiling; and

(c)    consequently, there is now even more scaffolding – this time, inside the Church. This is aimed at providing protection to the users of the Church in case any more ceiling falls, but it is also in preparation for taking the ceiling down, which the Church of England hope to do once they know the costs and have some funds;

(d)   it has come to light that there is the possibility of a fair bit of asbestos in the crypt. The Celestial Church have indicated that they are pretty sure the asbestos was removed several years ago, but the Church of England are still waiting for the Celestial Church to give them a copy of a report to certify this. If they are unable to find the document, the Church of England will have to send an asbestos surveyor in to confirm one way or the other. For the time being, please could all residents resist the temptation to venture into the crypt! ; and

(e)   the Church of England have also confirmed that they should have their project managers on board soon – there have been some fruitful discussions, and they are keen to get going on the project. The project managers and the Barnsbury Team are due to meet on 2 July to discuss how to progress next steps (although this does hinge on resolving the lease issue).

There doesn’t appear to have been any progress made on the tree situation and, as we are now entering nesting season, it is unlikely that the trees will be pollarded any time this side of September, but we will ask Camilla to give us some further information on this in her next update.


2.            Dowrey Street Site

As you will all know, building work on the Dowrey Street site may be commencing any day now.

We have received a number of e mails from residents concerned about the possibility of being infested with rodents during the demolition process in particular.

We have written to Tom Louvre at the Council to ask him (a) for the name of the foreman who will be on site (and contact details) and (b) to confirm measures in place to prevent rodent infestations of neighbouring lands during demolition and building works.  

We will report back once we hear from him.


3.             Barnard Park

There are a number of pop-up events coming up in Barnard Park on Sundays. Please see the poster below for information:

Barnard Park Poster















4.             Scaffolding

We have had some success getting the scaffolding on Stonefield Street removed. If similar issues occur with scaffolding being left up for months on end down other streets, please let us know.

As ever, if you know of any neighbour who is not on the Cloudesley Association e mail distribution list, please pass this e mail on and/or ask them to provide me with their contact details so that they can be kept in the loop.


Amanda and Florence

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Secretary: Florence Salberter


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