Cloudesley Association Update

1. Dowrey Street Site

2. Quietways

3. Highbury Corner

4. Hemingford Road Association

5. Private Taxi Drivers

1. Dowrey Street Site

As you may have noticed, work has finally commenced on the Dowrey Street site. During the meeting that took place last month, we were shown a fairly comprehensive timetable of works. We have tried to get a copy of this to show you but unfortunately have not been able to get our hands on it yet. We will update you when we can.

2. Quietways

To follow up on queries made by some local residents at the last meeting, Florence has contacted Islington Council and the London Cycling Campaign on behalf of the Association to find out more about the Cycling route talked about in the local press and that would allegedly bring alterations to traffic on Thornhill Road. Both responses are given in full below. At this stage there are no firm proposals but a feasibility study is being undertaken to consider potential 'cycle improvements' on a route that includes Thornhill Road.

We will e-mail our local councillor and the Executive member for Environment and Transport to indicate that local residents would like to be kept informed and be involved should the feasibility study be taken further. Should any local resident wish to take this further, they might consider either contacting the Islington local group for the London Cycling Campaign if broadly in support (contact in the e-mail below), or the Council (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and local councillor if they have any concerns.

Response from Amy Summers of The London Cycling Campaign:

"The section referred to is part of the Quietway route in Islington. ICAG - Islington Cyclists Action Group are heavily involved in campaigning to make this route safe.

They are working with other groups in the area, more info here:

They'd welcome the support of the residents group below, I'm sure. Best thing to do would be for them to contact Islington local group (ICAG) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Response from Paul Taylor at Islington Council

"Dear Florence,

The Council has been awarded feasibility funding to examine the possibility of cycle improvements along a proposed TfL Quietway route. The feasibility study is looking at potential cycle improvements covering both Barnsbury & Highbury West wards incorporating roads such as Drayton Park, Gillespie Road, Westbourne Road and Thornhill Road.

This is purely a feasibility study and no funding has been awarded for implementation or even a trial.

As well as enabling cycle improvements, Quietways are intended to attract those who do not otherwise cycle and thus intended to encourage new cyclists.

Until the outcome of the feasibility study is known we are not able to confirm whether the TfL route suggested is feasible or indeed whether funding would become available from TfL to undertake the necessary engineering works and implementation, including full public consultation. Neither are we able to confirm the extent, range or type of cycle improvement measures that could be incorporated to help improve cycle safety for this route.

The Council remains committed to road safety, including cycle improvements, thus in thanking you for your positive support, I am copying the Executive member for Environment and Transport, Claudia Webbe so that she is aware of your interest and concern.


Paul Taylor
Transport Engineering Manager."

3. Highbury Corner

Islington Council together with Transport for London (TfL) are consulting on proposals to alter Highbury Corner. The consultation period ends on 20 March. The current proposals include:

• Changing the roundabout into a two-way traffic system;
• Creation of a new public space;
• Improved pedestrian and cycle facilities; and
• Terminating the 277 bus at Dalston so it no longer comes to Highbury Corner.

You can view the plans by:

• Attending one of the drop-in information sessions (see below);
• Visiting the Council Offices, 222 Upper Street N1 1XR (Monday – Friday, 9:00am–5:00pm); or
• Going online to the Council website or TFL's.

4. Hemingford Road Association

Richard Plumb, chair of the Hemingford Road Association has been in touch – the residents of Hemingford Road have decided to revive their residents association. We will look to share information with Richard and hopefully we can also benefit from any additional local intelligence that they can share with us.

5. Private Taxi Drivers

We have informed the local police team that some private taxi drivers had been using Cloudesley Square during quiet periods at night. Should anyone have any further concerns, please contact the local police with as much information as they can including time of the day, car type and if possible plate number – as well as the nature of any nuisance related to their presence (including using the Square as a lavatory!). The information you provide the local police will remain confidential.

If you are aware of any event, consultation or news item that you would like us to include in our next newsletter, please let us (or your street rep) know.

As ever, if you know of any neighbour who is not on the Cloudesley Association e mail distribution list, please pass this e mail on and/or ask them to provide me with their contact details so that they can be kept in the loop.

Amanda and Florence
On behalf of
The Cloudesley Association