Cloudesley Association Update –June 2016

1. Dowrey Street Site

2. Nextdoor Barnsbury

3. EU Referendum

4. Kings Cross

5. Barnard Park – Reminder

1. Dowrey Street Site

You should all have received the latest newsletter from Morgan Sindall in relation to the development of the Dowrey St site. In case you didn't, please find attached a copy for reference.

Florence and I went to the site last Thursday to meet with Steve Kemp, the Project Manager for the construction. Steve got in contact with us as he is conscious that there have been a number of concerns from residents around the site, in particular about the extent of the vibrations that have been occurring during demolition and concrete floor removal. Steve was particularly keen to reassure residents that the vibrations are being monitored carefully and within the limits set by the Council.

The following is a summary of what we discussed/were told during the meeting:

Monitoring stations have been set up around the site to monitor noise, dust and vibrations. In particular, there are 3 vibration monitors (one backing onto the garden wall of Stonefield Street (around nos 8/9), one backing onto the garden wall of 100 Richmond Avenue and one in the region of 150 Cloudesley Road. The monitors have been placed in these locations for a number of reasons, one of which is because the monitor can be placed on a solid surface.

The vibration monitors have been set up such that if vibrations hit a limit (set by the Council) of 3mm/s (millimeters per second) a text is sent to Steve and his team and work is then halted until an alternative method of demolition/concrete bashing can be commenced. Steve did explain that 3 mm/s is a low threshold in any event. On a construction site in the City (not surrounded by housing), the vibration monitor would be set up to a level of 8 mm/s and that most experts are of the view that damage should not occur to surrounding buildings until the reading were to hit 15 mm/s. He also mentioned that vibrations can often feel much larger than they are in reality.

Steve did mention a number of other things specifically in relation to vibrations:

a) Given the number of complaints about vibrations, he had contacted their insurers;
b) A structural engineer was asked to come and take a look at a couple of houses on Cloudesley Road to assess whether any cracks that have occurred since the commencement of work are of concern; and
c) Steve is very happy to get the independent structural engineer back to come to any other houses in which cracks have occurred and residents have concerns. If you would like the independent structural engineer to come and visit your home, please could you let Steve know. He will then try and co-ordinate with residents to get one or two days when the structural engineer can come in. They might consider installing tell-tales on any cracks so that, should they increase, this will be recorded.

Please note that the piling rig is due on site on 8th June, with piling due to start shortly thereafter. Please find attached an advice letter about this from Morgan Sindall.

The project is currently running 1 week behind schedule. However, Steve confirmed that Completion is still on target for May 2017.

Conditions attached to the planning application are meant to be discharged in June. This should include approval of sample material to be provided to the local authority (such as brick sample panel).

We suggested to Steve that more comprehensive communication and detailed newsletters with the local residents would be helpful and we offered to circulate new items to all residents on our contact list by e-mail and also through our website.

By way of reminder, Steve's details are:

Steve Kemp
Project Manager
Construction East / London
M 07761 403983 (N.B. Steve cannot receive texts on this mobile phone)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Nextdoor Barnsbury

'Nextdoor' is a web based community service that is designed to connect neighbours together and enable the exchange of information. People can post observations, add events onto a calendar or post requests. It is described as 'a private social network for a neighbourhood' and according to the operators, the information stays private between members. The Barnsbury site has already gained over 30 members (while Upper Street has 40 and Canonbury 4) in about two weeks and is gaining momentum - you might wish to join? If so, please contact Amanda or Florence and they will send you an invitation to register. Please be aware that this is an internet based service so the usual internet security and privacy guidance applies.

3. EU Referendum

Just a reminder that if you aren't in town on 23 June then you have until 5pm on 8 June to get an application to vote by post to the Council. Details can be found at:

If you are in town and voting in person, it is a good chance to view the inside of the church in Cloudesley Square.

4. Kings Cross

(a) Football: FanDome

From this Friday (10 June) until Sunday 10 July, Kings Cross will be home to the Hyundai FanDome, a 360-degree interactive football experience. The FanDome will host 1000 lucky fans for each game in UEFA Euro 2016.

For tickets, you will have to look on:

(b) KERB – Street Food

The street food collective, KERB, is at Kings Cross on the last Friday and Saturday of each month until September. The next KERB street-food market is on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 June.

(c) Brewing Up a Storm

Professor Joanna Haigh from Imperial College is giving a lecture on Earth's changing climate. This is part of a series of lectures by the Institute of Physics. On this occasion, make your own cyanotype print and observe the sun through our solar telescopes before settling down to hear Joanna discuss why our climate is changing and how physics can help to predict our planet's future. The lecture will take place:

The Canalside Steps, Kings Cross
8 June (i.e. tomorrow)

5. Barnard Park – Reminder

Just a reminder that The Friends of the Park are hosting pop-up Sundays with free fun activities between 11am and 4pm on 12th and 19th June. Here is what's in store:
• June 12: Scruffs dog fun with free advice from Zasman Vet. Queen's Birthday Party – tea and scones. Her Majesty may just make an appearance.
• June 19: Open Squares Tour – Park volunteer gardening on show, plant sale and park history mini-exhibition. More flower power in the works...
The Friends Café will be serving coffee, tea, ice cream and cakes every Sunday.
If you are aware of any event, consultation or news item that you would like us to include in our next newsletter, please let us (or your street rep) know.



As ever, if you know of any neighbour who is not on the Cloudesley Association e mail distribution list, please pass this e mail on and/or ask them to provide me with their contact details so that they can be kept in the loop.

Amanda and Florence
On behalf of
The Cloudesley Association