Cloudesley Association – November 2021 Update

1. Holy Trinity Church

Repair work on the church has finished for the time being and the Diocese has said that future plans are “fluid”. The Diocese kindly hosted a drinks party on the 27th for residents to admire the splendid new nave ceiling (see photo attached) but we learned nothing new about possible plans to open the interior as a community centre or to improve the gardens. Hopefully we will be able to provide more of an update soon. In the meantime Nick has been working unofficially in the South West garden, weeding and sowing more wildflower seeds which may or may not be made glorious next summer!

Several neighbours reported that there were rough sleepers in the South porch for a number of nights. This coincided with a period when there were no guardians at the church. Thankfully a new guardian called Simon Thompson is now in residence. He had a word with the rough sleepers and they appear to have gone, hopefully for good. Many thanks Simon!

2. Islington Traffic Plans

We have contacted Islington Council to ask for news about Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) developments, in particular:

  • When will the 12 month consultation on Liverpool Road take place (presumably it’s due by now) and how should we participate?
  • Have you any plans for new LTN measures in our Barnsbury area?

The Council replied as follows – concerned residents please note (“Cycleway 38” refers to Liverpool Road):

The planned public consultation on Cycleway 38 between Holloway Road and Penton Street is due to take place in the coming weeks, and will include the publication of a monitoring report from the trial period. We will be asking local residents, businesses, visitors and cycleway users to complete an online questionnaire. This will be publicised via the council’s online channels, social media, and a leaflet drop to addresses along and near to the cycleway.

In addition, the council will be commencing a series of public engagement activities in the coming months for proposals regarding area-wide future traffic reduction measures in the wider Barnsbury and St. Mary’s area.


3. Cloudesley Association Meeting – A Date (or Dates) for your Diaries

After the long delay imposed by COVID-19, we are thinking of having the next physical meeting of the Association in the first week of February next year (most likely Monday 7th February or Tuesday 8th February 2022 at 6.30pm), probably upstairs at the Drapers as usual. Please let us know if you have any ideas for agenda items or invited guests. We will confirm the exact date, time and location as soon as possible.


4. Victoria Line - Tube Noise between Highbury & Islington and Kings X

Rail grinding is due to be carried out on this stretch of the line between 11 October and 17 November, subject to any changes as a result of operational requirements.


5. Thornhill Gardens

A couple of photos are attached which show some of the amazing work that has gone into making Thornhill Gardens one of the most well-tended and loved local gardens in Islington!

The Gardens now have their own website, with many more photos, which you can find at:


6. The Bridge School

There are openings for governors at the Bridge Integrated Learning Space. If you are potentially interested in joining the governors team, please contact Matt Lake by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


7. Kings X and Islington Square

A few highlights:



If you are aware of any event, consultation or news item that you would like us to include in our next newsletter, please let us know.

As ever, if you know of any neighbour who is not on the Cloudesley Association email distribution list, please pass this email on and/or ask them to provide us with their contact details (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so that they can be kept in the loop.

Amanda and Nick
On behalf of
The Cloudesley Association
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Nave CeilingHoly Trinity Church - New Nave Ceiling


Thornhill BenchThornhill Gardens – the Bench Which Dirk Built


Thornhill PartyThornhill Gardens – Children’s Party on the Lawn



Cloudesley Square neighbour Kate Glover, who is also an accomplished playwright, has written a new play called "Mayflower" about the pilgrim fathers, which will be on at various London churches later this month (sadly, not Holy Trinity - but maybe in the future?).  Here are the details:

Mayflower Notice

The Mayflower Tour