There appears to have been an arson attack on 5 motorbikes in Cloudesley Street - see photo.  Residents say it happened at about 5.00am on the night of Monday, November 11th. 

Motorbike Arson Cloudesley St


Worryingly, this follows on from a similar attack in Richmond Crescent where a moped was torched, setting fire to a nearby car, as reported in the Islington Tribune - see below.


Arson Mercedes and Moped


What's going on?  Does anyone know anything about these incidents?  Comments welcome!


#2 Nick Collin 2015-11-11 20:00
Interesting! In a funny sort of way that's reassuring. I just hope they don't go for my car!
#1 Clare Richards 2015-11-11 18:26
Our window cleaner (who has lived in Hemingford Road all his life and whose children know the local gangs), said today that the word on the block is that the torching of bikes was a tit for tat by gang members.